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If you’re a race or event organiser, see our Event Organiser Page or contact us on hello@treesnottees.com for a full information pack.


Where are the trees planted?

We own 430 acres of land in Dalry, which is about a 30 minute drive south of Glasgow in Scotland. It’s important that we plant trees on land we own, as this means we can guarantee that they will be protected and managed sustainably.

Are the trees planted on a verified tree-planting plan?

Yes, we are following a planting plan approved by Scottish Natural Heritage. We plant the right tree in the right place, meaning that we plant an appropriate species on appropriate tree planting land. We would never plant on an existing important habitat, or on deep peat.

What trees are you planting?

We are planting for what the native woodland would have been. This includes birch, alder, oak and rowan

Where do you get your trees?

We buy saplings from Alba Trees Nursery. They give us a certificate of provenance with every order, so we know that we are planting trees appropriate for our location in Scotland.

Do you look after the soil too?

Yes, soil health is crucially important to us. We use regenerative agriculture techniques (such as rotationally grazing livestock, applying biochar, etc) to restore the soil back to health. In turn, healthy soils help our trees grow faster.

I’ve heard that tree planting isn’t always good for the environment. What can you tell me about this?

It’s true, tree planting isn’t always good. Planting the wrong species, planting monocultures, or planting on inappropriate land (deep peat, wildflower meadows, etc) can do more harm than good. That’s why we have our tree planting scheme verified by Scottish Natural Heritage to ensure that we always plant the right tree in the right place.

Does the money all go towards tree planting?

Yes, 100% of the money will go towards planting the trees.

Are you a charity?

No, Trees Not Tees is part of a for-profit company called The Future Forest Company. We buy land, reforest it and restore it to health, and make money by producing sustainable forest grown products and by selling carbon offsets. We need to be for-profit because we want to reforest and restore as much land as we can, and to do that we need to attract funding from investors so we can grow quickly.

Will these trees be sold in a carbon offset scheme?

We may sell carbon offsets from these trees in the future to contribute towards the ongoing costs of maintenance and/or to plant more trees. A tree planted through Trees Not Tees covers the cost of planting and maintaining the tree for roughly 10 years. Thereafter we commit to maintain the tree throughout its growth cycle, replacing it as appropriate and ensuring that any ultimate use of timber does not simply release carbon back into the atmosphere.

Is there any other way to get involved?

We’re always looking for volunteers to come and help us plant trees!

For race and event organisers

How much does it cost to plant a tree?

We can usually offer a straight swap for the cost of what you would pay for a T-shirt. Contact us for more details.

What does the whole process look like?

The first step is to get in touch with us at hello@treesnottees.com. Once we’ve talked through the details of your event we’ll send you our T&Cs and an engagement letter to sign. Then we’ll help you add an option to plant a tree on your entry form. Once your entries are closed, send us over an order including the data we need to be able to send out tree information to your participants (first name, last name, email address), and we’ll send you an invoice. Once we’ve received the money we’ll be in communication with your participants and plant their trees.

What does the participant get?

The participant will receive two emails from us. The first will be confirming that we have received their request to plant a tree, the second will be a confirmation that we have planted their tree including a certificate showing a picture of their tree, information on what species it is and a what3words unique geo-location address of their tree.

Are there any limits on who we can plant trees for?

We can’t plant trees for anyone under 16 years of age as we do not process child data.

If some people still want a T-shirt, is that ok?

Yes absolutely. We know there is still space for some event T-shirts; it is completely up to the participant to choose.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of trees we would have to agree to plant?

No, we can process any number of trees, from single digits to many thousands.

For the Trees not Tees ‘buy a tree’ page

Who plants our trees?

In exchange for payment, Trees not Tees assumes full responsibility for the planting of the Trees and accepts liability for maintaining the trees in accordance with the Planting Specification and the UK Forestry Standard.

How long will it take to plant them and receive the e-certificate?

Though most tree orders will be fulfilled immediately, due to planting requirements, there may be up to 6 months between the order date and tree allocation.

What about forest fires?

Trees not Tees shall maintain or procure that there is maintained throughout the Period such insurance as Trees not Tees consider necessary against fire in respect of any trees required to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement.


The Purchaser accepts that any tree purchased through this website will not confer upon the Purchaser any right of ownership of the Trees nor any leasehold or other occupancy right to the land upon which the Trees are planted nor will the Purchaser be entitled to claim any carbon credits or other carbon sink against the Trees or the planting of them.