Plant a Tree


Thinking about adding Trees not Tees to your event?

Whether your event offers t-shirts, medals, or no merchandise at all, Trees not Tees can help you make a positive environmental impact

“But people LOVE our t-shirts!”

Some people do, definitely! But, races using Trees not Tees are seeing a minimum of 20% of participants choose a tree. We all have a few race t-shirts we cherish, but we have many more that we’ve hardly even worn, so by giving people the option, it’s win-win.

Ok… So how does it work?

In your event registration flow, simply add an option that allows participants to choose a tree, either in place of their t-shirt, a medal, or as an optional extra, such as the example below:

Many 3rd party platforms such as SIEntries already have an option for Trees not Tees. If not, feel free to put them in touch with us.

What happens after that?

After your event, you send us a list of all participants who chose to plant a tree. We then allocate them a freshly planted sapling from our sustainable reforestation project in the UK. We then out personalised e-certificates to each participant, including a photo of their tree, the species, the what3words geolocation, alongside your race and sponsor logos, ready to share on social media!


We’ve got tight budgets. How much does it cost us?

To make Trees not Tees an obvious choice for your event, we will match the cost you pay for your t-shirt (or other item of merchandise) down to £2.50 per participant. It costs us £6 to plant and maintain a tree for 10 years, after which the trees are of an age where it doesn’t require care from our team, so if you give participants the chance to add a tree on top, this will be at the full £6 per tree cost price.

Thinking about logistics, what if we hand out our t-shirts after the race?

Many races hand out race t-shirts at the finish line, so you need to know who to hand the t-shirts to and who has chosen a tree. To make this easy for your team at the finish line, you can be creative by adding a tree logo to the bib number, or even making it all green for those who chose a tree. Think of the amazing flat-lay photos promoting your green decision!

We’re only a small club race, are we too small for you?

Whether you’re planting 5 trees or 5,000 trees, we would love to partner with you!

Right, we’re in! How do we get started?

If you’re keen to include Trees not Tees, email us on hello@treesnottees.com and include your race name, race date, capacity, cost price per t-shirt, your race and sponsor logos and we will get you signed up!

Do you have a blurb we can include on our website?

“We’re partnering with Trees Not Tees to offer you the option of planting a tree instead of receiving our event t-shirt (or medal). Planting a tree is one of the best things you can do to fight climate change, as they remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow. They also provide a habitat for a wide range of the UK’s most endangered and loved species, and create clean air for us to breathe. Your tree will be planted in Scotland to grow as part of a whole new forest full of native broadleaf tree species. You’ll receive a certificate from Trees Not Tees that includes a picture of your tree, details of the species, and a unique geo-location address so you can even go and visit. To find out more, click this link to see their website.”